Ing. Dušan Dostál majitel firmy a hlavní školitel, ProLean nabízí koučování, školení a treninky v oblasti lean - štíhlé výroby

Ing. Dušan Dostál

Founder and executive director of ProLean Consulting s.r.o. Independent lean process implementation consultant.

Focus on Lean Production, Lean Laboratory, Value Stream Mapping, Zero Defects Philosophy, TPM, SMED, production cell design, workshop hosting, lean administration.

An advocate of lean coaching, transaction analysis and enthusiastic promoter of the psychological discipline in practice.

Practice from API –Industrial Engineering Academy, IFE a.s.  –member of Knorr Bremse group, IPI –Industrial Engineering Institute and ProLean Consulting

I would describe myself as an industrial engineer, mainly as an industrial host and coach.I like to show people that it is possible to make changes, move forward and improve things. I help others get rid of tunnel vision and support their courage and will to change things. I teach people to use common sense (again) and I show them that it is good to look for simple paths and solutions. I am sure that LEAN is a good way for every organisation and primarily for the people in it, if everything is handled properly... :o)

My motto Do not take myself and others too seriously and approach everything with humour and wider perspective:-))

I had worked for IPI, IFE or API, where I had gained important professional and general experience. I was involved with projects in following companies: Gumotex, a.s. –complex provision of internal education and training program –LEAN Academy (2016 - 2018), support for lean production implementation (2015 - 2017), Metso Czech republic s.r.o. –implementation of lean principles, HR (2016 - 2018), Austin Detonator s.r.o. –support for logistic improvement projects (2017 - 2018), Megatech a.s. –development of fast form exchange program (2017 - 2018), Oncomed Manufacturing a.s. - LEAN laboratory (2017, 2018), Kordárna Plus a.s. –teamwork, production and maintenance improvement (2013 - 2014), Hettich –production cell design (2013 - 2014), European Trailer System –general flow optimisation (2014), SAS s.r.o. (automotive)–lean logistics (2014), Mann Hummel s.r.o. –TPM (2014), Value stream design (2014), Quick win workshops (2013), VOP CZ (engineering) –general design of material flow and production layouts (2013), teamwork, internal logistics (2014) Olympus s.r.o. (Medical services) –internal logistics (2014 –2015), Thermacut s.r.o. (engineering) –lean production audit (2012), teamwork (2013), assembly cell design (2013), production planning and management (2013 –2014), strategic workshop hosting (2016 - 2018), AERO Vodochody –improvement workshops (2013), ArcelorMittal –TPM 2013, Schiedel s.r.o., Siemens s.r.o.,  Toyoda, PWO, Wanzel, Nestle, Meopta,

Additional professional education gained during professional career includes: Internation LEAN Training –Knorr Bremse, Japan Study Tour, Six Sigma Black Belt Training, psychological training –Transaction Analysis…