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Our team

Dušan Dostál

Executive director
Owner, founder and executive director of ProLean Consulting s.r.o.

Kristina Dostálová Makovská

Office and Learning Manager
Education manager, methodical materials, back office

Our Story

ProLeans history started in 2009, when Dušan Dostál, after long consideration, decided to leave the safe harbour of a permanent job in an international industrial group and decided to stand on his own two feet. The choice of field of business was simple. Since the beginning of his work career in 2001, he has focused on industrial engineering and the implementation of LEANprocesses and methods in practice. The path was thus natural and logical. Initially, he was an independence freelance consultants and collaborated intensively with a renowned consulting company.

As Dušan registered more orders and higher demand for complex services, he decided to satisfy the clientsrequirements and began collaborating with other independent LEANprofessionals.  Then it was just a small step to forming his own consulting company - ProLean Consulting s.r.o.  in 2015.

Our objective is to provide excellent value for the customer thanks to perfect production process with zero wasting. LEAN for us means creating higher value with smaller resources. The organisations that we are helping are capable of responding to rapidly changing customer requirements and wishes with high variability, high quality, low costs and very quick response time.

Our Principles What We Build On

We believe that we are creating the world with live in ourselves with our daily actions and decisions. Every decision made or action taken today is a choice and expression of how we want the world to look tomorrow. The freedom of choice is, at the same time, an expression of responsibility to ourselves and the world around us.

Since the very beginning of our activities we have been determined to build our business on the principles of fairness and responsibility. In our understanding, fairness and decency means the following:

Money is a tool for achieving the objective

The company’s main goal is to be useful for others. Money is one of the instruments for achieving that objective.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

We attempt to behave morally, i.e. above the framework of currently valid legislation. We honour the principles of confidence, confidence and cooperation. We respect each other.

Balance of interests


We seek to perceive the requirements of everyone involved with our business (clients, employees, community, planet) and we are looking for balance in satisfying the requirements.

"They are good and what they do works"

I have been collaborating with Dušan Dostál already since 2014. He has led several LEAN trainings (tact time calculation, one piece flow, Kanban, 5S. VSM, leadership) for our company and optimised our production and logistic processes. Our cooperation’s biggest benefit was the building of a line for the production of trolleys and sliding roof end rails. The project resulted in saving 53% of the required space, we reduced the inter-operational reserves by 94% and lead time, raised productivity by 38% and reduced travel by 88%. As a result, the implemented savings reduced total wage costs, despite rapid wage growth. In the "soft" segment, the cooperation led to increased staff motivation through direct involvement in process improvement. We continue to use Dušan’s services for leadership (junior production manager training), material supply and design of the workplace for new sliding roofs. Our relationship is based on mutual trust, openness and direct communication. I recommend ProLean’s services to anyone really interested in moving forward and building a new LEAN organisation.
Pozitivní reference od zákazníka, spolupráce během školení a tréninku, František Král Výkonný ředitel, European Trailer Systems s.r.o.
František KrálCEO, European Trailer Systems s.r.o.
I have been cooperating with ProLean Consulting since 2016, when they carried out a LEAN training program for our management and helped us implement LEAN principles (project management, gemba walk, capacity planning). Right now, ProLean is creating for us a methodical guidebook in Czech and English, the Lean Guidebook, which will help raise awareness about LEAN principles across the Metso group. At the same time, they participate actively on the development of shop floor management and LEAN expert’s coaching. I have always appreciated that their lecturers are very discreet and professional. The positive trend of development of intra-company indicators is an important indicator of successful cooperation. I will gladly recommend ProLean’s services to other LEAN development enthusiasts.
Jaroslav ŠarovskýCompany Director, Metso Czech republic s.r.o.