What can we do?

We are professionals with many years of experience from practice, which teaches you how to develop your practical skills and abilities. We provide consulting, lead projects and train companies in LEAN processes. Our objective is to (re)discover and develop our clients’potential. We build on long-term relationships and want to make sure that the results of our work together are clearly visible. Open communication and mutual trust and confidence are essential for us in all phases of our cooperation.

We attempt to involve the entire organisation in the creation of ideas and we custom-tailor the LEAN implementation for the client.

Our work focuses on three main areas:

Nabídka koučování Lean v oblastech štíhlé výroby

LEAN Coaching

Dušan Dostál’s long-term hobby and “heart matter”–transaction analysis studies –led to the inclusion of coaching to our service portfolio. We believe that LEAN coaching is a core activity that organisations should pay attention to.

Nabídka lean poradenství

LEAN Consulting

We will help you with consulting and project cooperation.

We are here to guide you on the way to making your business perfect.                                                                                   

lean tréninky zaměřené na štíhnou výrobu, lean, logistiku

LEAN Trainings

Our training will teach you everything you need and will move you forward. You will remember the know-how and skills learned from us, as you will experience practical examples and simulation games. You will then be able to use the know-how in your everyday practice.